Accsoft Commons Web (ACW)

ACW wiki (CERN only)

What is Accsoft Commons Web (ACW)?

A standard approach to Web development for Controls, upon which custom web applications can be based. Having a common approach overall, we keep development and maintenance costs down, whilst increasing the flexibility for people to work on one web application or another. Moreover, the applications provided to our user community have a common look and feel.

This toolkit provides a template for the full stack from client to server to database access.

In addition for the client side:

  • Providing a common application container with essential features like login (SSO / RBAC), message display (info, errors, etc), menu bar, navigation management (back button behaviour) and use of parameterised URLs.
  • Using, customising and developing common components e.g. for time range selections, tree navigation, etc.

How is Accsoft Commons Web (ACW) made?

The front-end is built using Angular and Material design and the backend with Java 11 and Spring Boot.