Data Science for Beam Operation (DSB)

The BE-CSS Data Science for Beam Operation (DSB) section is responsible for the application of data science techniques to beam operation, targeting areas that are difficult to address using traditional operational methods. More specifically, DSB provides operational data science tools for improved efficiency and reproducibility throughout the CERN accelerator complex.

The DSB section devotes time to studying emerging data science algorithms, techniques, and technologies, striving to remain towards the leading edge of developments in this domain.

DSB takes a leading role in ensuring a common approach to the use of data science techniques as applied to beam operation, coordinating the development in this area with teams throughout the A&T Sector. To help ensure a scalable situation, DSB provides consulting to domain experts from other teams, advising on the best approach to take, in function of the tools and techniques available. According to the specific cases, DSB may contribute to the development of a proof-of-concept or even a fully working solution, with prior agreement that the relevant domain experts take on the long-term responsibility for the domain-specific aspects.

The software & hardware infrastructures that underpin the operational deployment of data science tools are provided by other BE-CSS teams, and in some case, by the IT department. To deliver complete and coherent solutions for end users, the DSB section plans developments in synchronism with the other CSS sections and as a function of the global priorities of the group. DSB works closely with other BE-CSS sections and the IT department, to help steer the evolution of the provided frameworks according to the community needs and the latest possibilities in the data science domain.