GUI Technologies & Applications (GTA)

GTA wiki (CERN only)

The BE-CSS GUI Technologies & Applications (GTA) section, is responsible for defining and steering the strategy, for use of graphical user interface technologies in Controls-related applications in the Accelerator & Technology Sector (ATS). In parallel, GTA leads the development of the graphical applications, that interface with core underlying CSS systems and services. GTA is also fully responsible for numerous standalone applications and services used throughout the sector including mission critical scenarios.

In order to deliver complete and coherent solutions for end users, the GTA section plans developments in-synch with other CSS software sections and in function of global priorities of the group. While GTA is fully responsible for the technology selection and development processes for GUI applications, members of other CSS sections may work alongside GTA members to help realise development or maintenance objectives.

GTA aims to follow a common approach to application developments, using a streamlined set of technologies. To facilitate this, GTA develops and maintains specific GUI components, frameworks and utilities as needed, aiming to base on mainstream and industry-standard approaches wherever possible.

To help define and steer the GUI strategy within ATS, GTA follows the evolution of the corresponding global technological landscape, considering any specificities and needs of the CERN environment, and in turn, plans, communicates and subsequently drives forwards, the efforts required to stay up to date.

GTA consults with other development teams outside of the CSS group, advising on the technical strategy for GUI developments and in some cases, providing assistance to bootstrap new developments or help overcome specific obstacles.

In addition to providing GUI applications for the control and monitoring of CERN’s particle accelerator complex and supporting technical infrastructure, GTA is responsible for standalone applications covering a variety of topics, including: Fault tracking, Schedule Management & Planning, Operations Logbooks, RAD Tools, Dashboards and Fixed Displays.

GTA works closely with its user community to ensure the evolution of its applications and services continue to fulfil their purpose over time, taking into account new requirements and a changing technical landscape.