Infrastructure & System Administration (ISA)

ISA wiki (CERN only)

The BE-CSS Infrastructure & System Administration (ISA) section is responsible for the computing infrastructure platforms needed to run the controls software systems and operate the accelerator complex. The scope covers: the CERN Control Centre (CCC), in terms of the operational consoles and fixed displays; the CERN Accelerator Data Centre (CCR), with the servers used to run critical software from the CSS group and other teams throughout the Accelerator & Technology Sector (ATS); Technical consoles distributed across the accelerator complex.

Concerning the computing infrastructure, ISA is responsible for the specification, procurement, integration testing, operational installation and support of: high-performance and high-availability server platforms and storage systems for use in the CCR; Operator workstations and video distribution in the CCC; the technical consoles distributed across the complete CERN Accelerator complex, from the LINAC machines to the LHC.

From a system administration perspective, ISA is responsible for the selection, installation and administration of the Linux operating systems running on the aforementioned computing platforms. ISA also administers the Linux operating system running on the front-end computers which are deployed around the accelerator complex by the BE-CEM group. ISA provides a comprehensive virtualised infrastructure service to ATS, configuring both virtual machines for developers as well as remote operational gateways, based on the underlying platforms managed by the IT department. To complete the system administration aspects, ISA is directly responsible for user account management, solutions for process management and complete monitoring of both hardware and software, as well as computing security and network aspects.

The ISA section take a leading role to ensure that the Accelerator controls computing infrastructure evolves in a scalable, fault-tolerant and maintainable manner. This includes initiatives such as leading the move towards an orchestrated container-based environment.

ISA stakeholders are spread across ATS, including CSS development teams, Operations teams and equipment specialists. ISA works in close partnership with the IT department whose services help underpin a variety of ATS computing needs. As such, ISA has a coordinating role to represent ATS requirements towards the IT department and help ensure the evolution of IT services are adapted in-line with the accelerators schedule and ATS needs.