Controls Software & Services (CSS) Mandate

The Controls Software and Services Group within the Beams Department (BE-CSS) provides software solutions for the control and monitoring of all of the CERN particle accelerators, their transfer lines, associated experimental areas and various supporting technical infrastructure services.

The Group is responsible for:

  • providing a range of software frameworks, building blocks and complete end-to-end integrated controls software systems. These span from generic real-time software for control of hardware devices, to middleware communication services, data management, processing, archiving and analysis, settings management, high-level software and applications.
  • all system administration activities including the provisioning and operation of the underlying computing infrastructure for the CERN Accelerator Control Centres.
  • providing the interface between the ATS sector and the IT department for the provision and evolution of IT infrastructure and services within the control system domain.
  • defining shared software strategies in collaboration with all partner ATS groups, including the application of data science techniques to optimize beam operation.
  • coordinating the future direction for related controls software. CSS ensures that the provided solutions continue to fulfil their purpose over time and are properly maintained, taking into account the evolution of both CERN requirements and the wider technological landscape.
  • providing an exploitation service to engage with the ATS user community to follow up accelerator controls-related operational issues and ensure an optimal utilisation and evolution of the accelerator controls portfolio.

For a more detailed introduction to CERN accelerator controls, please see this document. Have a look at the following video to get a quick overview of the CERN accelerator complex which is controlled by BE-CSS systems:

Video file